The Final 1335

Nov 17, 2023

From a dream in the night on the 2300th day from the "Consummation of Ascension"

In a dream of the night that lasted most all of the night, I was finishing our story. And through the different scenes and events of my dream, our story was revealed in times and seasons, and flowed out of the imagery and forms that were in my night vision. Through this dream the final end of our story was revealed to me. I awakened with a start at the end of this night vision at 2:00 A.M. because of an unpleasant event in the dream and Father unfolded its significance and import to me from the symbols. 

In the first scene in my dream, I watched as my vehicle which I had been using, but was no longer using, rolled down the hill and came to its complete end. This represented my regular WINDS website. While I was still watching, another smaller vehicle, a three-wheeler, went down the same hill and it ended up in pieces at the bottom as the other had. But after being repaired slightly, it was able to be used again but I did not use it at the time.

In the next scene in my dream, I had received from Father an important revelation showing me some very timely numbers and seasons which I was going to communicate to the church.

In the final scene of my night vision, I was then with the church in a large room where I was going to share Father's important and timely revelation of the times and seasons He had just shown me. 

I was sitting in a chair on the sideline not far from the rostrum and three other men were standing where the speaker would speak. One was a man who used to dwell here in the land, and the other two were strangers to me. 

Then, right before I was going to stand up, the three men began speaking in an attempt to put me off and keep me from speaking. They all stood at the podium trying to engage the attention of the people, working to take over the meeting and prevent me from telling the church what Father had given me to share. They were talking in such a way as to try and put our end events far in the future hundreds of days, and to block me from completing my testimony which seemed to make things conclude much more quickly. In my dream I tossed my chair aside in a moment of anger and went right up to the pulpit and demanded, "Who are you?" I wasn't going to let them get away with it for they had no business speaking their doubts to our company.

That is when I awakened with a start at 2:00 A.M., and their attempted intrusion motivated me to arise from my bed and write out the important and timely revelation that Father had given me in my night vision. Everything from the Father is timely, and in the moment, and any purposed human delay is an eternal one. This is the vision of the end of our story which Father unfolded to me in the scenes and symbols of my dream:

In our first major 1335, which followed Messiah’s First Covenant Week, it was the National Geographic movie airing on the 1332 that tried to break our flow and discourage us from standing in our "lot" on the 1335. 

Our second major 1335, which came at the end of Messiah’s Middle Week of the Three Covenant Weeks, was again threatened, when on the morning of the 1332, the prison official told me that my release would be delayed and made later on, perhaps a week or more. Satanic agencies were working overtime to prevent my release from prison in a prophetic timely manner on the 1332 — so that they might point to that and prove by it that God had nothing to do with my events after all. I had already publicly stated that if this was another 1335 I would be released on Thursday which was the 1332. All day long on the 1332, delay and discouraging circumstances hung over me until the very end of the day when Father worked His miracle and the prison released me on the afternoon of the 1332 in a most unusual way. Then on the 1335 my testimony appeared in a timely manner at midnight.

Our third major 1335, which followed Messiah’s Third Covenant Week, was a spiritual mirror — in the church, of my release from prison. Despite strong satanic opposition leading up to the 1332, Arise stood up in the Barn on the 1332 and for over an hour shared with the family the Chart of Father's vision of Messiah's Three Covenant Weeks — with great restfulness, energy and freedom, completely free of her former disabling Chronic Fatigue. She was living proof of Father's word to the church on that 1332 morning, "Arise, My love, Arise, My love, your grave (prison) no longer has a hold on you."  The next day, on the 1333, Father gave His further word for the church: "Cry unto her that her warfare is accomplished, her iniquity is pardoned"; "Your sanctuary is cleansed"; "I will remove the iniquity of the land in one day {The 1333, fulfilled today}." Two days later, on the 1335, Father's word to Arise, "I have clothed you with a change of raiment ('change of appearance')," revealed Father's completing, empowering light of the "Lot" that He had unfolded for the church to now stand in on that 1335. 

This morning, what I was being shown had to do with our relationship with the world and its government — connected with the final ending of our story, just as Israel's relationship was with Egypt and its government when they were leaving it.   On June 17, I was moved to make a WINDS internet page and post the notice of it on Facebook, "The people of God are departing. The winds are blowing, for when you see the nations compassed by armies, know that annihilation is at your door. Michael." That was the fulfillment of my June 9th dream where I was hired by the president of the company to make the machine that produced arrows because in a dream the owner had, God had told him that I was favored.   

For three months I posted, and then on September 27, I wrote my final post in that WINDS era, "Our Departure," and then stopped writing. Allasso made a downloadable zip file of The WINDS and removed everything else. And then after a short time, even the zip file link was removed and all that was left on The WINDS page was flowing water. 

In the imagery of my dream this morning, the end of that three-month WINDS era was revealed when I watched my "vehicle" — my website to the public which I was no longer using, be no more, as was imaged by my first totaled "vehicle." 

Then, in the October Consummation Anniversary time — during Father's "Consummation of the Coronation," as I began hearing testimonies of deliverance coming from some of the family, Father moved me to post on The WINDS the biblical description of what was occurring, and I posted "The Conclusion" from Daniel 7. Then Father awakened me one morning with the words, "Fly, fly, little one, your endless journey has begun," and I went to the Fly Fly movie in the Archive and felt moved to update it and post it on The WINDS, followed by Ami's cult movie and The Closing of the Gates. That was my second "vehicle" — the "three-wheeler." After that an icon was added for "Remembering Our Story" and for "My Testimony" which included the updated ending "The Approachment." One morning I was moved to make a header graphic, "THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKES ANNIHILATION IS SET," and then to add the great bird flying with the little boy. Father then began giving me some loose "change" to share with the family, which was in the hidden place behind that icon. That icon of the moon represents the church and the child which was born out of the church who was upon the bird represents his ascension. 

Our final 1332 and 1335 which is now, Father brought strongly together by His connecting numbers during my night vision. But the first light of it began appearing to me when Bethabra's clear and detailed testimony of "the Consummation of the Coronation" was published on October 31, 2023. As I read it, it struck me very strongly that Father had just marked an important time-event with it. Two days later on November 2nd I knew that Father's October 31st marker and the light it contained, had been a 1290 marker from Him. I wrote out the first light of what I was seeing and posted it on a new hidden place on The WINDS — behind the graphic "THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKES DESOLATE IS SET" — "The 1332," for those in the family whom Father might draw to it. Then after a short time, I was moved to close this WINDS website also.

The ending of this three-week WINDS era was then revealed in my dream this morning as I watched my second "vehicle" — my three-wheeler, my little website to the family which I was no longer using, be no more, as was imaged by my second "vehicle" ending up in pieces, and nothing was left on The WINDS page but the moving water.

Since that time, I had been keenly watching Father's movements while "coming to" the 1332 and 1335, but I had not been thinking of or planning on sharing anything further — until my dream in the midst of the night. Once again, there had been a block by dark forces endeavoring to prevent me from telling the end of our story. But Father overcame them when He gave me His important and timely revelation to share with the family this morning through my night vision. I arose with a start from off my bed with Father's force of revelation compelling me to write out the vision of the end of our story, which He had unfolded to me in the scenes and symbols of my dream. And now, when I had another thing to say, my three-wheeled "vehicle" had been slightly repaired so I had a way to say it.

The Scriptures say:

“Go your way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

And from the time that the daily ordinary way of things shall be taken away, and the abomination (COVID-19 and forced vaccinations, transgender surgeries and more) that makes desolate (one must give up his conscience to keep his job and not offend the wicked) set in place (mid-April 2020), there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. (October 31, 2023.) The Spring of the year 2020 was the time when the "Great Reset" was being made public. Passover marked this beginning time, as Passover marked the time when Israel left Egypt behind while Egypt was forcing its harsh will upon the people. 

Happy and satisfied is he that waits, and comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go your ordinary way till the end time comes when nothing will be ordinary in the world anymore: for you shalt rest, and stand in your appointed recompense at the end of the days. 

In Daniel 12:12 we are given the secret. "Happy is the one who waits patiently and comes to the 1335." Those 1335 numbers add up to 12 also. December 12 or 12/12 is the date of the 1332.

But there were other forms in the night that came to a finished conclusion also. In our overall ordeal, there were seven years from the end of the Consummation of “the marriage of the Lamb,” October 31, 2000, until the 1290, October 31, 2007. There were then nine years until the next 1290, and then on the 1332 I was released from prison. And then there were another seven years until this final 1290, making 23 years. 

These numbers show the judgment surrounded by completion. Each period had a judgment message to give and something to bring to an end. It is all completed on December 15, 2023 which is the 1335. Again, the reward is that one stands in his vindication, and his appointed standing in the events taking place. Everything from the Father is timely, and in the moment, and any willful delay is a conscious choice and an eternal choice not to follow His lead. When I awakened from the dream, Father pointed me to the 2300-day marker from "the Consummation of Ascension" which is today — and is exactly four weeks before our final 1335.

The key for this moment is not some mental form of some event in the future. It is an actual standing in one’s present heavenly requirement which Father has been bringing the Light on. Each 1335 there have been those who have been removed because they had left "their Lot" behind and would not stand in it. Others stand strongly and keep the present moment from then on. These ascend to greater heights, while some move into their more comfortable earthly desires. The 1335 moment in time determines "the Lot" in which we must stand. In each time there has been a testimony to stand in, and something to be sustained in the soul, but not everyone would have eyes to see it and make that determination. 

Each 2300 days has formed some kind of vindication, such as the one when the Anointing appeared 2300 days after the light appeared to me in the sanctuary in Castle Dome in regard to the appearing of the Messiah. The two major 2300s in prison both had a Scapegoat whom the state had used to make their charges against me, and this Scapegoat put the charges back on the state both times. That set the course of the end of probation and intercession for the church and then for the earth. And we have now seen the results of these most obvious events all over the world.

So now we look forward and wait upon the deliverance of this 1335 moment also. Even in the earth there are signs and wonders, such as the wrath of God unleashed and that the nations are now angry. The wise can see it, but “the dead know not anything.” All our events have taken time, even years, but they eventually come to pass just as prophesied. We are each to be on the breast of the Father only now. He is the One in Whom we trust and He alone is our authority now. This is "the final LOT" of God for His people — which is fully human and fully divine. We place our dependence no more in external prophets, messiahs, kings, or medicine men of earth. We do not depend on humans for our security or earthly supports, for God will give us what we need, even to have the earth help the woman. We need not even think about it, for we stand secure in "our LOT."