Nov 20, 2023

When Lightning Comes He Appears

In my dream of the night, I had two tickets for leaving the city where I was. My plane was scheduled to leave at a certain time and I was earnestly preparing as I watched for the time of the plane's departure. Salem was in my dream with me, but not going with me. I was going alone.  Salem did not need any ticket, he had already left another way.

In my dream, I noticed the time and I suddenly realized that I actually needed to be there early and to check in even though I had no luggage, so my time to leave the city had come earlier than I thought. In a moment, I realized how quickly my departure was upon me. This captures the essence of what I had felt in my dream on November 17 which I shared in "The Final 1335," when Father gave me my testimony to share with the church which seemed to make things conclude much more quickly than I had thought. 

In the night, I awakened from my dream of leaving and then found myself in a waking vision. I saw a page before me and in bold letters was the header between two paragraphs, “The time one can know that his time has come.” I could not read the rest of the paragraphs below in the vision which explained the bold statement. 

I got up and searched out that header in bold on the Internet and what came up first thing was the biblical verse saying, “Watch, for you know not the day or hour.” That word "watch" was the key to the verse. The appearing comes through watching and paying attention and not by knowing the date. The day and hour is not the appearing and this is why it cannot be given in that way. One can know the day of abomination since it can be seen physically, but the appearing is different than that.

Yeshua also said, Don’t follow prophets or christs, for the coming is like lightning. It is an appearing in the depths of the soul. And that appearing occurs at midnight, the darkest hour of need, when things look and feel the most hopeless and impossible. The Bridegroom "comes" when you hear the call to your soul in this midnight hour. 

Yeshua could not save anyone. Even his closest followers did not have a clue what he was talking about. To the end, even after Yeshua explained the kingdom, they did not understand him. It took the Lightning of Pentecost to "go in" to the disciples in order for them to understand Yeshua. It took Lightning from heaven for them to "get" the Spirit of Truth that Yeshua possessed. Prophets and messiahs are not the saviors, and Yeshua warned about them. These are the Trumps, Cahns, Chosens, and thousands of others all over the Internet and on other media. 

This also happened when I was anointed with Messiah. While most followed a man, there were a few who caught the light, because they "got it" from the Lightning that "came" in their souls and impregnated them with Its reality.  You can tell when Lightning comes in you, for you feel it "go in" and conception occurs in your soul. You can see, instead of just believing your idea of what you are hearing about by some outside influence.

I couldn't give Lightning to the people. No man, not even the man Yeshua or Moses could give Lightning to the people. Only a few caught the Lightning from the Spirit of Truth. The Messiah can explain the law and tell the listener what is right to do, and describe how he has experienced Lightning, but it takes Spirit of Truth Lightning in the hearer's soul to cause him to see. Yeshua said to his followers, "When I leave, I will give you another Comforter. He is the Spirit of Truth Who is 'with' you, and 'shall be IN' you." The kingdom is within. The Christ is within. The true Prophet is within and He comes deeper and deeper into the soul like Lightning, and not by a teacher. A human form is not the authority, the Lightning is.

When Lightning entered me at my conversion, the Spirit of Truth entered me. I was in no way the same person. And to the church I entered, I was a strange curiosity. No man was my savior and no man could teach me. When the Consummation of Ascension appeared it was by much Lightning and by the force of the Spirit of Truth in my soul Who created the event; it was not created by a man or a woman. 

But Yeshua did give a warning about present events. When you see Jerusalem compassed by armies, make a quick departure from the city and don’t delay. Today, the cities and nations are surrounded by armies and we were warned to escape them when you see that abomination that makes desolate. This is the appearing of judgment on the nation that he warned would come. 

Yeshua also said, You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but that is not the appearing. The appearing is in the Lightning — when you can see the Truth for Who He is. The wars do not save us, the Lightning does. The “man” does not save us in our spirit, the Lightning does. At my conversion many years ago, it was the Lightning that came into me then that saved me from myself through the Spirit of Truth. That Lightning did not come by knowing "the day and hour." There was no day and hour for it. Lightning does not come that way. Only God Himself knew the day and hour of my Lightning in advance when He told me “You have a year to find me.”

We have had many circumstances that came by the numbers, but it took Lightning from the Spirit of Truth to know the meaning of those numbers and to interpret them in the moment — and, to receive the enabling divine strength to step quickly into that moment when it came. This dual action of Lightning — to know with divine understanding, and to move quickly with divine enabling, was revealed in my dream in the night by the two tickets I received for leaving. The Lightning brought divine faith to me, the divine knowing, that I was indeed leaving. That was the first ticket. Also, the Lightning brought with it the enabling divine actions of stepping quickly when I recognized my departure was sooner than I had thought. That was the second ticket, representing my actions toward leaving which came out of the divine understanding that I had received. Without the two tickets one faces many disappointments when things do not turn out as one thought in his imagination. 

God does send messengers, as in "the sign of the son of man," but it was only Lightning in someone's soul that could see the Spirit of Truth in me and then receive the Spirit of Truth into their own souls in a saving way.

So, when I saw that heading this morning, it gave me the present truth of now “you know when your time is come.” You know by the Lightning that comes out of the Mountain of Truth and flashes deep within the soul. You know because it came and you saw it even when no others see it.